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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


best Friend

I hate the term of best friend..,

Why I said so?

Because I’ve been betrayed by my own friend

I lost my best friend

Deep inside my heart

I’m still feel that my heart irritate inside

I`m crying inside..,

Why you do this to me?

Why you declared me your best friend?

Why? I`m now hopes that you will be happy ever after with your boy friend

Today, I saw a things that remind you and me,

That things remind me,’ when we laugh together, gossiping, when I lend you my arm to help you forget all the sadness,

Now I realized that it won’t happen anymore,

As time going fast,

You are going to far from me…..

Hope you will happy with your BEST FRIEND, (b.f)

And please don’t ever share your hell business to me again

I`m sick of it!!!

-to my ex best friend-(I don’t think so I have it)

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